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How Springboard Consultancy Helped Streetwise to Support Young Women

“I have learned a lot about myself and have enjoyed the programme.”

2018 saw the partnership between the Springboard Consultancy and Streetwise draw to a close. The project, as originally set out here, focused on delivering Springboard training to a group of young, vulnerable women in the North-East, helping to support Streetwise’s charitable focus on the physical and mental health of young people from the area.

The course was delivered between April and June 2018. Following a post-course catch up with the participants, we’re now able to share the impact of this project with you.

Working with Streetwise

“Encouraging and empowering to women in all areas of life.”

Instructus were keen to work with Streetwise due to their fantastic work supporting disadvantaged young people. Streetwise’s aims are very much in-line with our own charitable objectives, and when we started the discussion last year it became clear how we could work together.

With the involvement of licensed Springboard Consultancy trainer Sue Wild, we worked with Streetwise to identify a course that would benefit not only the young women in attendance but also the Streetwise team themselves. The aim of this course was to build their confidence and self-worth and to help change their circumstances for the future.

The Streetwise team identified the beneficiaries through a referral process. These young women accessed the project seeking support and advice on matters including confidence, self-esteem and anxiety. These women were at risk of becoming “invisible” in a busy cityscape, and the demands on them can be greater than they can manage.

The Results

“It’s applicable to people in a range of situations and circumstances.”

The project returned positive results, with some specific outcomes for participants including:

  • Securing a job following the first workshop day.
  • Realising self-worth and capacity and securing a job with more responsibility.
  • Finding a new workplace and being happier than in previous employment.
  • Deciding to follow dream and study Fashion at university.
  • Asking for a pay rise – and getting it!

The young women have realised their self-worth and are now determined to develop themselves, as shown through their positive feedback on the course.

“I have begun achieving my goals and objectives and continue to work towards them more. I now know it is okay to be proud of myself and my achievements.”

“This programme has been great, and I have experienced being around positive people. I now feel it is possible and worth meeting new people and finding friends.”

“I’ve learned that I have to be the one to make a change in my life and did so by leaving my job I was unhappy in to do better paid temporary work.”

“I have realised my values a lot more and they have become clearer. I have also managed to get a better job while taking part in this programme and I’m glad as I like my new job.”

Training for Everyone

The feedback given by the Streetwise team echoed the young women’s positive appraisal:

“Having experienced these kinds of activities and exercises for ourselves means we can relate in better ways to personal development. We now have more experience at working this way and know what it is like on the receiving end.”

“This will inform our skills in the future in how we work both in one to ones and in group work settings with young people.”

“The opportunity has deepened our tool kits as youth workers and has benefited each of us personally. I feel much more positive and forgiving for myself, I am more assertive and am much more aware of self-care.”

These results showed that all participants met the personal goals that they set at the start of the project.

The young women shared that they had:

  • Increased their confidence.
  • Changed their mindsets for the better.
  • Developed their assertiveness.
  • Reduced their social isolation and anxiety.

As well as the above many of the women have progressed in their careers, something we had set as a target at the start of the project.

Paving the Way for the Future

“The programme has allowed me to maintain my values whilst also focusing on new things that I’ve realised are important to me.”

Working with Streetwise was a fantastic step for our charitable outreach and paved the way for the work we’ve done since. The positive results that Sue Wild achieved with these women shows the importance of guided personal development; not only for those in a vulnerable position, but also for those that support them.

We have loved every second of working in partnership with Streetwise and would like to wish the participants all the best for the future. We have so much confidence in you!

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