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Did you know that there are over 3.25 million people in the UK currently working in Business & Administration roles? Millions more are working in positions that require administration skills in some respect. These roles are the oil that keeps your business working.

Many sectors are now entering a critical period: the aging “baby boomers” are approaching retirement and beginning to reduce their hours or leave altogether. The prosperity of individuals, businesses and the nation depends, in part, on the acquisition of professional administration skills.

For some organisations this means a large amount of capability and experience will leave their roles over a relatively short period of time, with current administration replacement demand running at 600,000 people over the next five years.

Skills & Competencies for Business & Administration

Three suites Business & Administration NOS (National Occupational Standards) are available. These suites are listed below.

Business & Administration

This latest version of the NOS for Business & Administration focuses strongly on the aspects of the role that have seen increased importance in recent years. This includes skills such as communication and negotiation, working with others, dealing with change, solving business problems, supporting sustainability, and managing risk.

Business & Administration NOS
Business & Administration NOS (2013)
Business & Administration Occupational Map
Business Continuity Management NOS

Business & Administration: Specialist

We have developed specialist Business & Administration NOS for administrators that work in the following sectors.

These standards cover specialist administration functions which are not included in the main Business & Administration NOS suite.

Agricultural Administration NOS
Legal Administration NOS
Parking Administration NOS

Business & Administration: Self-Administration

Recent business trends have tended towards horizontal management structures with fewer hierarchical levels. This has meant that less administrative support is now available within teams, and subsequently, there’s an expectation that employees will be able to carry out their own administration.

The Self-Administration NOS enables this. These NOS are applicable to people who are not employed as administrators, do not have access to administrative support, or who are expected to carry out their own administration as part of their jobs.

Self-Administration NOS

Business & Administration Qualifications

A range of both vocational and academic Business & Administration qualifications are available for the UK and internationally. We have developed a number of specific Business & Administration vocational qualifications including NVQs/SVQs at levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

View the latest assessment strategy and guidance for Business & Administration NVQs/SVQs below.

Assessment Strategy
Assessment Guidance

Business & Administration QCF Units

QCF units have been developed to cover the knowledge and skills needed by those in Business & Administration roles.

Parking (PDF)
Document Production (PDF)
Education Level 3 (PDF)
Events & Meetings (PDF)
Health & Safety Level 1 (PDF)
Human Resources (PDF)
Innovation & Change (PDF)
Legal (PDF)
Manage Information & Data (PDF)
Organisational Strategy (PDF)
Customer Service (PDF)
Business Resources (PDF)
Business Support Services (PDF)
Communications (PDF)
Core Business & Administration (PDF)
Corporate Decision Making (PDF)





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