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The Opportunity To Do More

When Instructus was born in 2016, we were only at the start of our journey.

As a charity we have always been committed to advancing education for the public benefit through the promotion of qualifications, training and skills; a remit we have delivered on for two decades through our work as a skills sector body. Yet with the acquisitions of CQM Training & Consultancy and the Springboard Consultancy, the Board of Trustees believed that we could do more for those underserved and left behind by society.

According to research undertaken by UK Data Service over one in three people without qualifications are living in poverty in the UK. Against a backdrop of continued austerity, rising education costs and stagnating youth employment rates there are fewer opportunities available for those who need them.

This is where Instructus can help. The expertise we offer through our brands uniquely places us to empower people to move their lives forward. Whether you want to use a single course for a specific purpose or several courses as a blended end-to-end service, we’re expanding our remit to help people learn new skills and earn relevant qualifications.

This is available as a funded or part-funded package for qualifying charities, community groups or other organisations, giving us a way to reinvest in social projects and causes where we can make a positive impact.

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If you work for a non-qualifying organisation we would still love to hear from you – particularly if you would like to work with a supplier that can help you to reach your CSR targets while delivering world-class personal development training.

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In 2017 our journey took us from London to our new premises in Kettering, Northamptonshire, where several new faces joined the team. We’ve relaunched our online presence, and as well as our current programmes we have several exciting projects in the works.

Yet these changes are all founded on an unwavering commitment to our values. The last few years have taken us closer to our aim of making a difference for those that need it – and now we’re ready to take that journey one step further.

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“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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