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Public Relations (PR) concerns the reputation of organisations and individuals in relation to their public perception and the views of their various publics. It involves influencing the behaviour and opinions of stakeholders and stakeholder groups through both short and long-term engagement activities.

As social and digital media play an increasingly important role in shaping and sharing the opinions of its users, PR is likewise becoming more important. Good PR can transform a local organisation or product into a worldwide success, whilst bad PR can destroy a business in minutes.

PR can also be used to develop a competitive advantage for organisations, such as helping to open up new markets, attract the best employees, and provide more access to funding and investors. Organisations of all types and all sizes, from sole traders to international corporate giants, can benefit from the effective use of PR.

Skills & Competencies for Public Relations

The Public Relations NOS are designed to be used in all sectors and cover a range of key public relations functions.

This comprehensive suite includes the following standards:

  • CFAPRE001 Develop an understanding of the organisation’s environment
  • CFAPRE002 Develop audience insights
  • CFAPRE003 Create and develop a public relations strategy for an organisation
  • CFAPRE004 Develop public relations plans
  • CFAPRE005 Implement public relations plans
  • CFAPRE006 Engage stakeholders
  • CFAPRE007 Engage with the news media
  • CFAPRE008 Engage audiences through digital, including social media
  • CFAPRE009 Engage internal audiences
  • CFAPRE010 Manage reputation
  • CFAPRE011 Manage public relations crises
  • CFAPRE012 Monitor and evaluate public relations outcomes

These NOS cover occupational functions at a number of levels of responsibility and complexity. They are relevant to anyone involved in the risk management process, including PR assistants, account executives, account coordinators, press officers, and digital communications officers.

Public Relations NOS

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