Instructus is a Northants-based charity focused on delivering training and development at every stage of life. Our subsidiary companies work with a number of blue chip companies such as BT, Santander and Thorntons to provide everything from operational management to personal development.

It’s these services that allow us to fulfil a range of charitable programmes. We work with our partners to provide training courses for the underserved and left behind, giving people of all ages the skills that they need to overcome the challenges they face.

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MARS: The Moulton Apprenticeship Ready Scheme | Instructus

Moulton Apprenticeship Ready Scheme (MARS)

Back in 2018 Instructus decided to harness our training and development skills to build a programme that would benefit local school students. Our Moulton Apprenticeship Ready Scheme (MARS) pilot is currently running with Moulton School & Science College. The task was to design and implement a suitable 10-day ‘whole person’ training intervention for mixed gender 14-16 year-old students. There are 12 pupils taking part in the pilot.

The programme was initially to develop as a trial programme, in partnership with Moulton School & Science College, with the aim of using the programme and its outcomes to develop a scalable training intervention that can be rolled-out through Northamptonshire and perhaps beyond.

The programme is split into three blocks of training over 3-4 months with personal development (behaviour), skills and work experience training. All of this is tied together with a project piece on closing the gap between education and work.

We will be analysing the positive impacts that this training intervention aims to have on these students and their futures.

The pilot programme completes in April 2019. Once we have analysed results and feedback it is our intention to deliver the programme in up to 10 schools in Northamptonshire in the 2019/2020 academic year. We’re interested in working with schools, support organisations and businesses interested in partnering, especially in the provision of work experience.

Full programme details and case studies will be available after the pilot completes.


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