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Streetwise & Instructus to Deliver Woman’s Development Programme

We are working in partnership with Streetwise to deliver a Springboard Consultancy course to a group of young women in Newcastle.

Streetwise is a registered regional charity that works with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people from across the North-East. With a particular focus on hard to reach areas of the city of Newcastle, Streetwise exists to provide free, confidential advice and support services that empower young people to make informed choices.

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Many of the young people that use Streetwise are dealing with complex and multi-layered issues. In the last year, the charity has managed over 16,000 visits or contacts with over 7,000 young people. Streetwise have won local and national awards for their work, and have a strong reputation with parents, GPs, health workers, teachers and police.

We are working with trainer Sue Wild to run the Woman’s Development programme for a group of 12 women aged 18-25. These women have accessed the project seeking support and advice on confidence, self-esteem and anxiety. Being ‘invisible’ in a busy cityscape, these young women are finding that their own needs are not met, and the demands on them can be greater than they can manage. The Streetwise team will identify the delegates via referral, and ensure they are ready to take part in the programme. The delegates will be at a stage where they are emerging from one of the support services at Streetwise and ready to engage with the programme.

This programme allows Streetwise to offer a progression route for young women, helping them to become resilient adults. Without the funding and support of Instructus this programme would not be available. This pilot programme may result in a sustainable programme supporting the thousands of young people who seek their services.

Expected Outcomes

The experience of the Springboard programme will enable the young women to:

  • Positively change their circumstances
  • Increase their personal awareness, confidence and coping skills
  • Improve their self-esteem and their ability to consider new opportunities and make positive life choices

The youth workers experiencing the programme will also benefit:

  • Increased personal awareness, confidence and communication skills
  • Improved knowledge and increased toolkit for supporting young women in their personal development
  • Developed capacity as youth workers, benefitting the project and the young people they work with from disadvantaged areas of the city

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“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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Helping Karma Nirvana to Support Victims of Honour-Based Abuse & Forced Marriage

Instructus have partnered with Karma Nirvana and trainer Vanessa Boon to run the Springboard Consultancy Women’s Development programme for women affected by honour-based abuse and forced marriage.

Karma Nirvana is an award-winning charity that supports victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage. As well as operating a helpline for victims, which receives 700-800 calls a month, Karma Nirvana provide expert witnesses in court, give talks in schools and works to raise awareness.

The charity also plays an important lobbying role, and in 2014, after ten years of campaigning, helped to ensure that forced marriage became a criminal offence in the UK.

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More than 11,000 cases of so-called ‘honour’ crime were recorded by UK police forces between 2010 and 2014. Yet many more cases go unreported.

An ‘honour’ killing takes place to erase the ‘dishonour’ of the family within the wider community. During 2010 and 2014 the UK media reported 11 attempted honour killings and 18 actual honour killings. Most victims were women. The ages of the victims in reported cases ranged from 16 to 56 years old.

In 2016, the UK Government’s Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) gave advice or support related to a possible forced marriage in 1,428 cases, up 14% on the previous year. The vast majority of cases involved victims who were women (1,145 cases, 80%) and under the age of 30.

Though overseas travel can be a factor, 157 (11%) of FMU cases had no overseas element, with the potential or actual forced marriage taking place entirely within the UK.

There are very few specialist services or support groups available in this field, with the services that do exist tending to respond at crisis point. This means there is a lack of preventative help or longer-term support for the victims.

The opportunity to take part in the Women’s Development programme could be life-changing for women affected by honour-based abuse and forced marriage.

The intended aims of the programme are:

Short Term

  • Improved positivity and self-belief
  • Observed increase in confidence and assertive communication

Long Term

  • Positive impact upon participants’ studies, training or career paths
  • Reduced risk factors in participants’ lives
  • Improved self-care, well being, determination, empowerment and clearer goals and aspirations
  • Improvement in self-esteem measures

Vanessa Boon added “I am looking forward to bringing Springboard to women supported by Karma Nirvana. This uplifting programme will give women the time and space to reflect, heal, re-discover themselves, grow and nurture each other and make new plans for their futures. This will also help survivors, who are often isolated and disowned by families, to build a support network of new friends around them and to build the futures they choose for themselves.”

“It will be a liberating, uplifting and heart-warming journey”

The first of four workshops will take place in 2018.

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“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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Instructus Working in Partnership to Provide Vital Training for Domestic Abuse Victims | Instructus

Instructus Working in Partnership to Provide Vital Training for Domestic Abuse Victims

Research indicates that 1 in 4 UK women will be a victim of domestic violence at some point in their lives, with up to 80% of those returning to abusive relationships.

The rate of domestic violence cases is increasing year-on-year, showing a national need to support the underserved victims who would not otherwise receive the support they need to permanently break free from domestic abuse.

Instructus have partnered with Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse and trainer Pat Miller to provide a Springboard Consultancy course to victims of domestic abuse in Oxfordshire. Further partnerships working with Aspire Oxford and A2Dominion Housing Group provided a venue and further referrals for the course. With government funding cuts for services there are no other resources available to fund this type of empowerment programme.

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Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse is a local support service that develops and delivers services for those affected by domestic abuse in Oxfordshire. They also provide training across the UK, with a nationally recognised multi-agency approach to tackling abuse and exploitation. It’s their aim to develop a coordinated approach to keeping people safe.

Additional courses are being supported by Instructus and planned in Milton Keynes (in partnership with MK-Act Domestic Abuse Intervention Services) and Kettering. In total, we expect to support over 30 women who have been victims of domestic abuse.

The intended aims of the workshops are:

  • Reduce the rate that women return to abusive relationship from 80%. Pat’s previous courses have reduced this to 11%.
  • Give delegates increased confidence, self-esteem and optimism for the future.
  • Create safe social groups for the delegates, providing extra support both during the course and beyond.

As this project is in progress the specific outcomes are not yet known. However, the workshops that have already been running have reported positive results in terms of improved confidence, community building and providing a supportive network.

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“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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The Opportunity to Do More | Instructus

The Opportunity To Do More

When Instructus was born in 2016, we were only at the start of our journey.

As a charity we have always been committed to advancing education for the public benefit through the promotion of qualifications, training and skills; a remit we have delivered on for two decades through our work as a skills sector body. Yet with the acquisitions of CQM Training & Consultancy and the Springboard Consultancy, the Board of Trustees believed that we could do more for those underserved and left behind by society.

According to research undertaken by UK Data Service over one in three people without qualifications are living in poverty in the UK. Against a backdrop of continued austerity, rising education costs and stagnating youth employment rates there are fewer opportunities available for those who need them.

This is where Instructus can help. The expertise we offer through our brands uniquely places us to empower people to move their lives forward. Whether you want to use a single course for a specific purpose or several courses as a blended end-to-end service, we’re expanding our remit to help people learn new skills and earn relevant qualifications.

This is available as a funded or part-funded package for qualifying charities, community groups or other organisations, giving us a way to reinvest in social projects and causes where we can make a positive impact.

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If you work for a non-qualifying organisation we would still love to hear from you – particularly if you would like to work with a supplier that can help you to reach your CSR targets while delivering world-class personal development training.

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In 2017 our journey took us from London to our new premises in Kettering, Northamptonshire, where several new faces joined the team. We’ve relaunched our online presence, and as well as our current programmes we have several exciting projects in the works.

Yet these changes are all founded on an unwavering commitment to our values. The last few years have taken us closer to our aim of making a difference for those that need it – and now we’re ready to take that journey one step further.

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“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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