Developing People, Transforming Lives

Whether you know us for frameworks, certification or skills consultations, our work helps you to manage apprenticeships and vocational training.

Yet this isn’t all that we do.

We are proud to be part of the Instructus Group, a family of organisations that exists to help people progress in education, in work, and in life.

Through a range of funded and part-funded support programmes we help people to make the most of their opportunities and fulfil their potential.

In short, we are dedicated to developing people and transforming lives in everything that we do.

Our Work

To better understand what we do, you’ll need to know these two phrases:

• Pan-Sector (adj.): Job roles that are transferable across sectors and industries, such as Business Administration, Team Leadership, and Management.
• Standards (n): A document that defines the skills and knowledge required by any given job role. Standards underpin job descriptions, vocational qualifications, and apprenticeships.

As the UK’s Skills Sector Body for the Pan-Sector, we are responsible for the development and upkeep of a wide range of apprenticeship Standards. From maintaining National Occupational Standards for the devolved nations to developing the documentation on which End-Point Assessments are based, our knowledge and understanding of Pan-Sector skills development is unrivaled.

Apprenticeship Frameworks

Browse our full library of Frameworks and National Occupational Standards to see the defined skills and competencies for a range of pan-sector roles.

National Occupational Standards

As a Skills Sector Body, we have developed and maintained NOS (National Occupational Standards) for pan-sector occupations for over 20 years.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Get accreditation for your Lean Six Sigma training with Instructus Skills, the UK’s largest non-Governmental body for apprenticeship certification.

Our Timeline

1996: The Administration Standards Council formed and began working from offices at Park Crescent, London.

1998: With our first change of identity, we became the Council For Administration. During this time we moved to our offices at Graphite Square, London.

2003: We created the Paralegal Association, which later became the Institute of Paralegals.

2009: To reflect the focus of our work we became the Skills Council For Administration, later known as Skills CFA.

2014: Whilst still operating under the Skills CFA brand, our company officially became Instructus. During this time we moved to our new offices at Union Street, London, and created the Professional Paralegal Register.

2015: Instructus purchased Springboard Consultancy and CQM Training & Consultancy.

2017: Under new leadership, we took several steps to position the business for the future. We sold the Institute of Paralegals and the Professional Paralegal Register and moved the business to new, modern offices in Kettering, Northamptonshire. We also launched a new brand to replace Skills CFA – Instructus Skills.

2018: We took over certification duties from The Tech Partnership, and in doing so became the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification authority by volume of certificates issued.

2019: The Instructus organisation became an accredited Living Wage Employer.

2021: We launched new branding across the group to demonstrate our shared commitment to vocational training and development. 

In Education, In Work, In Life

In 2015, Instructus bought Springboard Consultancy and CQM Training and Consultancy, before launching Instructus Skills in 2017. Together, these three organisations form the core operational areas of the Instructus Group. In 2021 we opened the doors to Instructus Works, a division of the group that fulfils our charitable objectives.

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